The Promise

The shot above was originally titled "Pelicans at the End of the Rainbow", though now 24 hours after first releasing it on social media, and receiving an overwhelming and heartfelt has been renamed "The Promise".  Read more below...

With the Saharan Dust now in place, all eyes were focusing on conditions to the West, with hopes for "Big" sunset opportunity; though with a bit of time left before I would leave the house, my eye caught an amazing rainbow offshore.  Always a tough I go East or West; to the East there is a bright rainbow that I can see from my front porch, and to the West the promise of a Saharan Dust enhanced sunset out the back windows. Regardless of which way I chose to go, it would be pretty much a one trick pony. Though ultimately the sunset colors were as promised truly spectacular, I'm glad I followed the rainbow, to a unique display of nature's amazing beauty, with two bonus pelicans flying side by side into the rainbow.   

Though I have always liked seeing a rainbow, it became readily apparent that this one really resonated with a broad range of viewers; "liked" and shared several thousand times, receiving many heartfelt and personal comments; and was even picked up by San Antonio Fox News Channel 29, with Meteorologist Greg Pollak remarking "WOW! 🌈 Now this is a spectacular shot. Check out how vivid this rainbow was in Port Aransas, Texas on Thursday". I have always made a point to respond to every comment made on my photos appearing on my Facebook page, and multiple FB groups, as well as on Instagram; though in this case, that has become nearly impossible to accomplish.   I am truly humbled by the response to this photo, and the quote from Maya Angelou selected for this photo fit so well with all that is going on during these challenging time..."God puts rainbows in the clouds so that each of us - in the dreariest and most dreaded moments - can see a possibility of hope."  Many other viewers called the rainbow "God's Promise".  The common thread is that we are all seeking reassurance, and await better times.  I think that this young family below offers us that promised by the rainbow.