Come Visit my new "Different Perspective" Gallery!

Looking for something a little different, my new website gallery offers a unique perspective.  Here you will find my growing collections of non-traditional photographic art, using a technique that utilizes movement to create an image that for me evokes a sense of the beach at sunrise or sunset, an image that could be wherever you dream it to be that will transport you there each time you lovingly glance at it.  Below are just a few of the new and evocative coastal images!

"Touch of Color" - Maybe it’s a dreamier feeling, like the lingering memory of a dream…a bit fuzzy, but the textures and colors remain as you wake from a pleasant dream while napping on the beach lulled asleep by the sound of the surf and the warm breeze in Port Aransas, Texas.

"Promising Glow" – A winter sunrise on North Padre Island, in that evocative way of an ICM…seeing it all in a different way.

"Just that Feeling" - But then in the midst of it all, as you wait and wonder, alone with your thoughts, enveloped by the fog and the stillness on Padre Island, Texas…something happens…the beauty of a new day shows in a more subtle way.

"Dream Weaver" – A Port Aransas sunrise captured by the evocative nuances of movement...offering something hard to describe, as the light plays on it…bathing you in the soothing colors and tones…a calmness descends on you…despite it all.

It's been a year of both sadness and happiness, a season of change and growth.  In all of this, my photography and daily writing, and new and old  connections with all of you has been a source of strength and inspiration.  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for daily posts highlighting the coast...visually, inspirationally and emotionally.